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PCL 001: Kyle Markham - Philosophy major to Rookie of the Year within 18 months

Power Intro:

Kyle Markham is our special guest today and I'm super excited to have him on the show. He consistently impresses me with his work ethic and vision for himself. He is a 24 year old real estate entrepreneur. However, before starting his real estate career he graduated college in 2017 from Loyola University in Chicago with a degree in philosophy. 2018 was his first year in real estate where he sold 32 homes and was awarded rookie of the year at his company for all of North America. If that's not impressive enough, for 2019 he is already on track to sell $10 million in real estate sales volume.

What’s Your Super-Powers

Finding efficiencies in almost everything that I do

How he uses leverage

How he uses the Sales Funnel

Why Execution is important

Your Power Failure Moment

Kyle shares the mistakes and missed steps as an inexperienced entrepreneur

And lessons learned

Your POWER Moment

Majoring in Philosophy.

What are you POWERED UP about today?

Real Estate Business Growth and Development

Hiring a Team

Around the Horn

What was holds you back?

What is the best advice you ever received?

Personal habits that contributes to your success.

Your Power Move

Video, Video, Video


“Ideas are worth nothing, and execution is what creates the value and creates the change.”

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Kyle Markham


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